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Innerchange Counseling began in 1992 with an idea of providing quality counseling and therapy in a setting that respected people’s privacy and integrity.  The intention was, and still remains, that Innerchange be a different kind of counseling clinic.

How are we different?

You will notice the difference in the way you are treated at Innerchange; from your initial phone call to us, to the first time you walk into our office and with every visit thereafter.  We provide you with a different kind of therapy.  A therapy that focuses on helping you heal from the inside out. Innerchange approaches healing from a mind-body perspective. This means that you will be given the opportunity to engage in counseling that addresses you as a human being, not merely someone with symptoms.

What We Offer:

What About Medications?

I am frequently asked what role medications play in the counseling process. Again, this is what makes Innerchange different. Many people are exploring how they can address their concerns without the use of medications. While medications can play an important role in the healing process, Innerchange places the emphasis on helping you develop life long skills that are shown to dramatically improve the quality of your life. Should medications prove to be necessary you will have access to a Psychiatrist to evaluate this option.

About Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts, LCSW, LMFT is a licensed therapist in the State of Wisconsin. He is also a state certified addictions counselor. He is also a nationally certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Thomas has over 30 years of clinical experience, working with a wide range of concerns. He has gained wide spread recognition is his therapeutic approach to healing.

Thomas is also a national workshop and retreat leader. His work focuses on helping professionals and non-professionals expand their understanding of mind-body integrative approaches to healing.  He is adjunct faculty at Viterbo University and St. Cloud State University. Click here for more information on Thomas. 

Thomas has published a book.  For more information see below.

Ignoring a problem only makes it worse.  If you have any questions regarding your specific concerns, please contact us at Innerchange.  We will be happy to discuss them with you personally. 



Tom now has a Facebook page. For more information on his workshops, retreats and classes, click here:


Tom also has started a Blog where he will share thoughts ideas and experiences that are important to the mind - body health and healing experince. Please visit and, if so inclined, leave your thoughts feelings and experiences. Hope to see you there! 


The Mindfulness Book

The Mindfulness Workbook

This is a workbook designed to introduce readers to the basic concepts behind mindfulness. The book guides readers through different experiences, such as spaciousness, thought watching, and mindful breathing, which will help them to dissolve distractions and reap the benefits of living mindfully. Find out more.

If you have already purchased the book and are interested in enhancing the practices with our audio program, click here.

Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts

Tom is an experienced, respected and trusted counselor, who is skilled in helping you find relief from: Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, colitis, Irritable Bowel, migraines and grief from the loss of a loved one.